Herbs & longer term postpartum, infant feeding (chest/breastfeeding and alternatives)

Want to join?

Next live class is in 2021. You can access the recording from October 2020!

In this 90 minute workshop, we will cover

  • Physical recovery beyond the first 24 hours
    • peri care: sitz baths, steams, rinses and spritzes
    • sleep deprivation
    • nourishment and building up after blood loss and the massive fluid shift of birth
    • warmth and minerals
  • Healing from cesarean or vaginal birth
  • How to navigate herbal use during lactation
    • herbs and supply, under or oversupply
    • infant sensitivities/gut issues (leaky gut in nursing parents, elimination diets how/why)
    • blocked ducts and mastitis
  • Gentle emotional integration and stress management
    • folks with histories of anxiety and depression
    • partner and family support for the transition