Herbs & first/second trimesters of pregnancy, later pregnancy loss

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Next live class is Friday, October 16 from 12-1:30pm.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will cover

  • Physiology of early pregnancy, and when/why to add herbs
  • Basics of people/herbal energetics, how to match clients with plants that fit best
  • Traditional plant medicine preparations - nutritive herbal tonics, gentle and suitable options for pregnancy
  • Safety and considerations
    • timeframes when herbs are more likely to cause harm
    • herbs with pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    • herbs that (almost certainly won't) cause miscarriage (when used in traditional ways)
    • chronic issues such as hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune disease, severe anemia or history of pre-eclampsia
  • Common pregnancy complaints
    • nausea, vomiting
    • heartburn
    • back pain/muscle cramps
    • skin issues worsening (hormonal)
  • Herbs and iron building
  • Healing from later pregnancy loss
    • 2nd trimester loss/postpartum considerations
    • emotional and physical support with plant medicines
    • managing/drying up milk supply
    • nourishment and supporting after blood loss
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