Herbs & birth work. Stress management, longevity and integration for birth attendants

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Next live class is in 2021. Recording is available!

In this 90 minute workshop, we'll cover

  • Stress management
    • nervines and when to utilize
    • adaptogens, historical acknowledgement
    • sleep deprivation and healthy cycles
    • managing chronic illness while being on call
  • Adrenal support and avoiding burnout
  • Insulin resistance and the birth worker
    • endocrine and hormonal issues
    • sleep, stress and blood sugar link
  • Herbs for emotional integration
    • facilitate "rest and digest" for birth attendants
    • help your brain go from "this experience is happening" to "this has happened and it's done"
    • maintaining long-term mental presence with clients while witnessing lots of different scenarios
    • mental and emotional digestion of others' experiences
  • Herbal ways to continue to show up for yourself in birth work
    • herbs to fortify you on a daily or weekly basis
    • herbs to bring in your birth bag to sustain you at long labors
    • herbs to sustain you when your month's worth of births happen in one week