Herbal Energetics for Placenta Medicine

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Next live class is in 2021. Access the recording of a prior workshop.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Anatomy & physiology of the human placenta
  • The breakdown of some placenta encapsulation history
  • The basics of energetics for
    • Pregnancy and postpartum
    • Plants to include in placenta medicine making
    • Seasonality, and individual clients
  • Debunking the so called "TCM recipe" preparation of placentas (hint: jalapeños aren't Chinese)
  • Considerations for raw preparation methods
  • Placenta tincture, salve and other medicine considerations
  • The strategies behind choosing herbs to include in the placenta encapsulation process and other placenta medicine making preparations
  • Sourcing herbs in ethical and sustainable ways
  • Deeper customization, energetic and spiritual connection with placenta medicine preparations