Herbs & Infertility, fertility, early pregnancy, early miscarriage and abortion care

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Next live class is Thursday, October 1, 2020 from 6:30-8pm EST.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will cover

  • Client assessment for birth workers - which clients can/could/may/will use herbs, and which won't/shouldn't
  • Basics of client/plant energetics and how to match people with plants that work for them
  • Common infertility topics, such as
    • conceiving over 35
    • PCOS and insulin resistance
    • thyroid issues and autoimmunity
    • "unexplained" infertility
    • supporting folks who are already working with medical interventions in their fertility process
  • Basics of healthy fertile cycles, including
    • timing is everything
    • nourishment with plants and supplements
  • Early miscarriage support, including
    • physical and emotional support with plant medicines
    • building up after blood loss
    • "missed" miscarriage
    • support to conceive again
  • Supportive abortion care
    • care options in clinical and home settings
    • medication, surgical and herbal considerations
    • emotional and logistical support
    • herbs for conception/implantation control?