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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a birth worker to sign up? Nope! These classes are geared toward people who work professionally/regularly with pregnancy, so are familiar with some of the anatomy/physiology and basic common health issues of natal topics. If you do not have this background, you're still welcome to join classes. You can sign up for my email list to get a taste of other classes offered.

Do you have a lower cost option? Yes! I offer free/donation-based classes monthly for folks who sign up for my email list. Also, as a white cis person (named O'Brien) who has largely been able to sustain a career doing birth and herbal work (in the Boston area), I am happy to offer my workshops to interested folks from marginalized communities for a lower cost or free. I specifically mean trans folks, and Black folks, and anyone who has had an ancestral tradition of herbal and holistic body knowledge decimated by colonization, capitalism and genocide. I recognize there are many incredible herbal teachers from these communities, and completely support people seeking programs from mentors who feel like the right fit for them. All of those people should be paid fruitfully for their work. If you're going to give money to support birth workers and herbalists, please give it in support of them! If you want to learn with me at the "expense" of low-cost or free labor of a white cis person, hit me up.

What if I miss a class due to a birth? I totally get it. I'll record classes just for folks who planned to take them, and offer the link to watch/download for a limited time after class. I'll also offer these topics live on an ongoing basis.