LIVE Autoimmune Birthkeeper Series – Autoimmune Birthwork



In this one hour live Zoom workshop, we will cover the basics of surviving birth work while contending with autoimmune disease. Millions of folks live and work with chronic illnesses, from eczema to chronic pain. Many doulas are drawn to support work after going through a medicalized experience and realizing how much the support truly matters.

We’ll discuss herbs to keep in your birth bag to keep you going, as well as practices and medicinal foods to reduce chronic inflammation between intense work. Systemic and practice-wide support networks are integral! There are also herbs that can over-stimulate your immune system and might lead to flare-ups … especially important to avoid during an acute stressful birth.

Learn about how the immune system functions, why autoimmunity happens, and implement strategies that can increase your ability to physically withstand providing support work.

Next LIVE workshop will be held Friday, May 28, 2021 from 6-7pm EST.


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