LIVE Autoimmune Birthkeeper Series – Autoimmune Pregnancy and Birth



In this one-hour Zoom workshop, we will cover the basics of the intersections of autoimmune disease and pregnancy care.

Western medical care is divided up into specialties. Often, folks with chronic illness and autoimmune disease struggle to find care providers who know about obscure autoimmune diseases and clusters of diagnoses alongside what is safe during pregnancy.

Many folks experience a lessening of autoimmune symptoms during pregnancy. Some folks find food intolerances become seemingly a little more tolerable. Often, people are left with questions about the safety of their prescriptions and what the alternatives may be to manage symptoms during pregnancy. How do you sustain your energy during a potentially long labor if fatigue and sleep deprivation impact you heavily?

Taught from a western, vitalist herbal perspective. This class will be facilitated by 10-year birth worker and clinical herbalist who has attended and supported over 230 births (many who were considered “high risk”), and also personally navigates having four autoimmune diseases.

This live class will be held Friday, May 14, 2021 6-7pm EST. Participants will be sent a Zoom link.


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