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Welcome to Birthkeeper Herbalism

Hi, I’m Emma, I’m a queer reproductive support advocate (full-spectrum doula) and clinical herbalist living by the Neponset river on unceded Massachusett land (Boston, MA).

Over the last ten years, I’ve regularly supported folks going through everything from labor and birth, to abortion, miscarriage and fertility issues to postpartum recovery. I’ve crafted a fruitful and supportive career following the call to herbal medicine and reproductive advocacy and support, and I want to help other birth workers help their clients access good herbal information surrounding pregnancy care.

Inform your practice and help your clients


Birthkeeper Herbalism helps birth workers explore the intersections of pregnancy care and plant medicines. Offering workshops from a clinical western herbalist lens, Birthkeeper Herbalism connects birth workers with practical herbal information informed by the full-spectrum of pregnancy outcomes, from fertility and abortion to birth and postpartum.

As someone who actively attends births, I know first hand the intimate and direct contact that doulas have with their clients. On average, doulas spend four to five times more in-person support time with birthing families than their obstetricians. From therapists to lactation consultants, many birth workers are being asked questions about herbs in pregnancy and postpartum and may lack confidence in what to recommend. Many pregnant and postpartum families are using herbal products from the internet without consulting anybody in particular. In a culture where 99% of people are birthing in the medical system, how do we navigate conversations around holistic health that actually apply to modern families and the medicalized decisions they're facing?

If you're someone who is inclined to use herbs in your own life, but would like guidance on how to offer information to clients about herbal use in pregnancy- Birthkeeper Herbalism is for you. For those who are exploring a calling in perinatal support work, I also offer mentorship for newer birth workers who are hoping to craft herbally inclusive practices. While you're here, check out my live herbal class offerings or sign up for my email list to hear about free herbal workshops each month.

Taking an apprenticeship with Emma was one of the best things I’ve done to further my ability to serve families and my community. Emma is a wealth of knowledge about placenta medicine, plant allies (especially for reproductive health), and community-building. She is kind, patient, and very, very good at what she does! I am continually impressed by the depth of her understanding of herbalism and holistic health. 

Sierra Holland  All Bodies Birth

Emma is a welcoming soul with a wealth of herbal knowledge at her fingertips and a penchant for sharing that expertise with others. She's a cheerful person who has directly helped me to foster my love for plants both at home in my large garden and at my practice. In my work as a doula, Emma has provided me with evidence-based recipes I ́ve used with my own clients to help them with common issues throughout the perinatal period, such as cough, congestion,
insomnia, and more. 

Teresa Vittorioso-Fortin, Entera Doula

As a birth and postpartum doula I deeply value Emma as a resource for all things herbalism. Her knowledge and methods are practical, accessible, and most importantly, effective!! It's such simple wisdom available to us and it makes a huge difference for the comfort and healing of my clients. The mental, emotional and physical support our plant allies offer us through this process cannot be overstated and Emma is both intuitive and evidence-based in her application. Definitely learn everything you can from her and send your clients her way!

Sophie Davis

Alight Doula & Healing